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An experience of the unexplored lands of Cochin

An experience of the unexplored lands of Cochin

Cochin has a magic in itself. Kochi or Cochin is in fact only a small portion of Ernakulam. But, the Cochin we know today is more than a place – it’s a collective identity that the culture and traditions of different parts of Ernakulam have together achieved globally.

I had my third trip to Kerala and this time I landed in Cochin. The previous two trips were from Trivandrum which took me to Munnar and its magic. This was now time to experience the Charm of Cochin. I had booked my stay at the Bluebell Airport Hotel – a cute hotel, only a few hundred metres away from the International Terminal of the Cochin Airport. Though named as the Cochin Airport, the Airport is situated in Nedumbassery, a place quite far from Fort Cochin and other famous places of Cochin.

I booked my stay at the Bluebell for two reasons – One, the proximity to the Airport. Two, the reference from my friend Ajith who had previously stayed at the hotel and share great stories about the staff and their travel desk.

I arrived at Cochin Airport in the morning by 10:00 a.m. from Bengaluru and Checked-in at the hotel by 11:30 a.m. after a delicious Kerala Breakfast with Puttu and Kadala Curry.

Bluebell Airport Hotel has taken much efforts to elegantly arrange their rooms. The rooms are named after various flowers. I had my stay in a roomed named the Asters. The room was small, ideal for a maximum of 2 people – yet it was elegantly made with all the amenities one will need at a hotel room. It is a perfect example of how to convert the shortcomings of a place to its attractions.

I freshened up and had a short nap before setting out to explore the life of Cochin. Ajith had arranged special attention from the hotel for me. Ajith was well connected with the owner-manager of the hotel, Mr. Jose. I had ringed up Mr. Jose and informed him about my arrival at the hotel. He was out somewhere are promised to get to the property before I woke back from my nap.

At the travel desk of the hotel, Mr. Jose, the owner of the hotel had been waiting as I came down after my sleep. He showed me the wonderful travel ideas that Bluebell have been showcasing for their customers – tours starting from regular sightseeing to cycle expeditions that provides an essence of the local life and biodiversity if the rural landscapes of Ernakulam. The travel desk of Bluebell is rich with the ideas of an unexplored Ernakulam for the guests staying there.

I made my mind to quickly go through the information Mr. Jose provided me with to experience the magic of the unexplored Cochin or Ernakulam to be more precise. Mr. Jose connected me with Team TreeMonks, a company that operates in association with the Bluebell Airport Hotel – a team of passionate travellers turned Professional Holiday Planners.

It took a few minutes to make my mind about choosing a place from the whole bunch of options Mr. Jose provided me with. Amidst my dilemma, Mr. Rijo, the front office Manager of the hotel suggested that I took a cycle journey along the picturesque rural routes that travelled along the canals and irrigation channels of the agricultural hubs of Ernakulam – an unseen face of this region for outside world. Rijo ensured that I will not be just visiting Cochin but rather experiencing it this time around. I went along the tour with the caretaker boy at the hotel – the story of which I shall share in the next blog. A 3 hours journey that combined the in-depth knowledge of Martin (Caretaker boy) about the region and personalized services to deliver the stays and tours that stay etched in the clients' (me in this case) minds forever adds to the beauty of one’s holiday with the Bluebell Airport Hotel.